With a population of over 18.2 million residents, the Republic of Kazakhstan is the world’s largest landlocked country. There are several globally recognized and renowned medical universities in Kazakhstan to serve all the international students. Kazakh National Medical University is well renowned as the top university in the country. Every year, over 60000 medical students seek admissions in Kazakhstan. All the universities in Kazakhstan have economical and affordable fees structure for medical programs. A lot of medical universities here are recognized well across the world by the Medical Council of India, FAIMER, WHO, and UNESCO. A lot of medical universities provide education in English. Hence, it is easier for improved understanding and learning for Indian students. 


Duration of the MBBS course is 5 years in Kazakhstan and minimum of 50% marks are required from CBSE/State Board/ICSE in several affiliated colleges. The course charges around $4000 to $5000 in the country. Students can have superior exposure in Kazakhstan and the country has maintained superior relations with several global colleges and universities. Students can rest assured to have a lot of opportunities to pursue MBBS in Kazakhstan to attend a lot of seminars and conferences which are organized across the world with exchange programs in several nations. Medical universities in Kazakhstan charge up to Rs. 10,00,000 to Rs. 20,00,000 for the whole course. Another benefit of MBBS in Kazakhstan is that most university campuses provide students with Indian food. 


Why MBBS in Kazakhstan?

  • The admission process in Kazakh universities is very simple and it serves as a boon to medical students. 
  • No donation or capitation fees are charged for admission to Kazakhstan medical universities. 
  • It is very easy to get a Visa without any problems to pursue MBBS without any problem. 
  • Most of the medical universities in Kazakhstan are acknowledged by MCI, IMED, and WHO. 
  • Students can rest assured to have best in class living standard in all medical universities in Kazakhstan 
  • All medical universities in Kazakhstan offer brilliant quality education which is the main attraction for all global students. 
  • Students can get global exposure which can benefit them very well to pursue MBBS in Kazakhstan 
  • Universities in Kazakhstan adopted new methods of teaching to help students advance well in their medical careers. 
  • The cost of living is relatively low during the tenure of MBBS
  • Medical universities have credit hour system which benefits students while studying MBBS 
  • All medical students can work in clinics and get hands-on experience as clinics are affiliated by universities 
  • The training sessions are provided by medical universities to improve the confidence level of students. 
  • Global recognition with an MBBS degree. 
  • Best choice for medical aspirants. 
  • Students can go for screening tests conducted by MCI after completing MBBS. 


Tenure of MBBS in Kazakhstan 

  • Tenure of MBBS is 6 years in Kazakhstan. 
  • During the first five years, practical and theoretical knowledge is provided to students. 
  • In the final year, students can seek internships. 
  • Medical universities in Kazakhstan maintain a student to faculty ratio very well. 
  • The curriculum has been designed well for students to come up with great doctors. 
  • All professors are proficient in the English language. 


Eligibility Criteria 

Here are some of the important qualifications to pursue MBBS in Kazakhstan – 

  • It is compulsory to achieve NEET scores 
  • IELTS/TOEFL exam should be cleared for admission in some medical universities 
  • Minimum 50% marks are required in Class 12th for general category and 40% for SC/ST students
  • Physics, Chemistry, and Biology are primary subjects 
  • Students need to complete 12th from a recognized board 
  • Minimum age limit is 17 years for studying medicine in Kazakhstan 


Things to Know for Entrance in Kazakhstan 

  • All medical universities have limited seats in Kazakhstan 
  • It is important to apply beforehand 
  • Admission process starts in September in Kazakhstan 
  • The academic year starts at the end of September


Medical Universities in Kazakhstan are recognized by – 

  • World Health Organization (WHO)
  • Medical Council of India (MCI) 
  • Foundation of Advancement of International Medical Education (FAIMER)
  • United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)


Documents Required 

  • Class 10th and 12th Marksheets 
  • Health and travel insurance 
  • Passport and VISA
  • Birth certificate 
  • No objection letter 
  • Letter issued by the medical university in Kazakhstan 
  • Up to 6 passport size photographs
  • At least 6 months of bank statements of parents


Admission Process

  • Medical aspirants should consult a recognized overseas education consultancy to ensure MBBS admission in any Kazakh university. 
  • Students need to fill the application form by consulting with a counselor 
  • The respective university will then issue the admission letter
  • The VISA process starts now and students need to submit their passport required  
  • Students can freely start medical education and go to Kazakhstan after getting VISA


Tentative Dates for studying MBBS

  • Students need to apply for MBBS during July and August
  • It takes up to 4 weeks to get an admission letter from the university
  • It takes around 2 months by the ministry for issuing study VISA


Top Medical Universities in Kazakhstan 

There are dozens of globally recognized and affiliated medical universities in Kazakhstan. The tenure of MBBS is 5 years while 1 year is dedicated to the internship. Students can have superior exposure in Kazakhstan and it maintains great relations with several global universities. 



  • Al Farabi Kazakh National University 


Commenced in 1934, Al Farabi Kazakh National University is well regarded as the top-ranked medical university in the country. The university holds 22nd position in QS World and 11th position in EECA University Rankings. 


Established 1934
Acknowledged by WHO and MCI
Eligibility Class 12th with 50% and PCM, NEET
Last Date August 1, 2020
Medium English 
Duration6 Years



  • South Kazakhstan Medical Academy 


Commenced in 1979, South Kazakhstan Medical Academy offers an MBBS course for the tenure of 5 years. It is the best medical university to pursue MBBS as it is ranked 7899 globally and 29th in the nation. 


Established 1934
Acknowledged by WHO and MCI
Eligibility Class 12th with 50% and PCM, NEET
Last Date August 1, 2020
Medium English 
Duration6 Years


Teaching Methodology 

  • Medical universities in Kazakhstan offer education in three languages. 
  • Medical universities offer MBBS in both Russian and English in Kazakhstan in bilingual medium 
  • A lot of medical universities in Kazakhstan offer education in English medium 
  • All medical students should be aware of the teaching approach before seeking admission
  • English is used as a teaching medium in most of the medical universities in Kazakhstan which is ideal for medical aspirants in India. 
  • Students can easily grasp the concepts taught in English medium 
  • Kazakhstan is considered as the hottest favorite destination for low-cost education


Pros of doing MBBS in Kazakhstan 

  • Medical universities in Kazakhstan provide affordable fee structure for studying MBBS 
  • Heavy donations are charged in India for securing a seat in medical colleges, while there are no capitation fee charged in medical universities in Kazakhstan 
  • You don’t have to pay an entrance fee to seek admission in MBBS
  • Cost of living is relatively low during the tenure
  • On average, students need up to $100 to $150 for living expenses
  • All medical universities in Kazakhstan are known to have world-class infrastructure
  • Students can also learn the local language
  • The English language is used as a medium of teaching which is a superior opportunity for medical students in India 
  • Students can easily learn the local language to interact with patients in the phase of the internship 
  • Medical studies in Kazakhstan build new exposure and avenues for candidates in medical universities. 
  • All medical universities in Kazakhstan provide comfortable hostel accommodation to the students. 
  • Students can easily fulfill their dreams to become a successful doctor by paying an affordable fee. 


Cons of doing MBBS in Kazakhstan 

  • Most of the medical universities in Kazakhstan don’t allow experiments on dead bodies due to ethical reasons. 
  • Exposure to new culture, language, and environment may lead to homesickness
  • If medical colleges are filled with students, one may not get full attention. 
  • Students may face language barriers when socializing with locals. 
  • Students should beware of fraud agents offering misleading information. 


What if you are not scored well in NEET? 

  • Most students cannot clear MCI screening exams after completing MBBS. But it is important to clear the test if a student wants to practice in India. 
  • NEET exam has been compulsory for all medical students in India. 
  • But medical aspirants can easily enter any medical university in Kazakhstan and get admission without having to clear NEET
  • After completing MBBS in Kazakhstan, Indian students can practice in Kazakhstan 
  • Thousands of students take NEET exam in India but only a few students can qualify
  • Students who cannot get a proper score in NEET can get admission in a medical university in Kazakhstan 


What are the guidelines students need to follow in medical universities?

  • Students need to have a valid study visa to study in Kazakhstan 
  • Ministry of External Affairs should have registered the visa in Kazakhstan 
  • Visa should be registered for around 3 days in advance before student lands over there
  • Visa extension is done by police and MEA in Kazakhstan 
  • The immigration department can charge a fine to students who don’t register for a visa with the MEA. 
  • Students need to show proper documents for visa extension 
  • Students can avail scholarships offered by many medical universities in Kazakhstan when pursuing MBBS 
  • It is important for students to interact with counselors who can guide them well 
  • Students don’t know the VISA rules most of the time. So, it is recommended to consult with the best consultancy which is reliable and provides proper instructions as per new guidelines. 


Breakdown of Living Expenses in Kazakhstan 

  • As compared to other nations, the overall fee structure is quite affordable for MBBS in Kazakhstan 
  • The overall expenses of living vary as per the lifestyle of a student. 
  • Cost of medical checkup is around $100 to $200
  • Insurance generally costs around $260 per year.
  • Visa extension costs around $100 to $200
  • Food expenses cost up to $130 per year. 
  • Cost of living in a hostel is up to $850 per year 
  • Living cost is hardly around $200 per year 


Visa Process in Kazakhstan 

Here is the detailed process of getting study visa in Kazakhstan – 

  • It is important to fill up the application form 
  • Gather all the important documents you need and submit the same to the university 
  • Pay off all your charges after filling up the form. 
  • Submit the passport, application form, health insurance, and passport-sized photos. 


Facts about Kazakhstan you need to know 

  • Nur-Sultan is the capital city of Kazakhstan 
  • Russian and Kazakh are two official languages of Kazakhstan 
  • English is spoken by only around 15% of the population in Kazakhstan 
  • You should be aware of weather conditions before going to Kazakhstan. Maximum temperature falls around 40 degrees Celsius and the minimum temperature drops to whopping -50 degrees Celsius. 
  • Kazakhstan Tenge is the official currency of Kazakhstan 
  • The time of Kazakhstan is half an hour before India. On average, it takes around 5 hours to reach Kazakhstan from India by flight 
  • Kazakhstan experiences continental and dry climate. 
  • Around 70% of the population of Kazakhstan is of Muslim people. 
  • The total population of Kazakhstan is 1.8 Cr. residents 
  • Kazakhstan is an economically advanced country in Asia. 
  • Medical students can appear in the PLAB exam in the UK, MCI in India and USMLE exam which is held in the USA. 
  •  Thanks to ample amounts of oil and minerals, Kazakhstan is a rich and royal nation. 
  • Kazakhstan receives a moderate climate which serves as an ideal aspect for all international students. In terms of size, Kazakhstan stands 9th in the world. 
  • Kazakhstan is one of the futuristic countries in Asia.
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