MBBS in Armenia

The Republic of Armenia or Armenia has a population of over 29.2 Lakh individuals. Armenia shares its boundary with four countries – Azerbaijan, Turkey, Iran, and Georgia. Armenia is well regarded as the most sought after destination for aspirants who desire to study MBBS abroad. There are two major aspects of gaining fame by medical universities in Armenia. First of all, Armenia offers a friendly atmosphere and the second is that it develops great infrastructure in four top universities to improve learning.  


Yerevan is the capital city of Armenia which houses several popular medical colleges offering superior exposure and cultural environment to deliver world-class education. MBBS in Armenia is known to be a great option with a combination of three features – Training, Practical Learning, and Modern Medicine. Classroom learning is provided in English and the duration of learning MBBS is 6 years in Armenia. 


For a medical aspirant, the best part of choosing Armenia is that they can easily apply for internships and practical training after the first year of the course. The MBBS program is offered as MD just like MBBS in India. MBBS course is affordable and costs Rs. 15 to 20 Lakhs for the complete course.  


Why Choose Armenia for studying MBBS?

 Here are some of the reasons why you should prefer Armenia to study MBBS – 

  • A lot of courses available for specialization in medical sciences
  • Both international and national medical students can study MBBS in Armenia 
  • A lot of PG and clinical programs are offered in medical universities in Armenia 
  • Internships are rewarded to bright students in medical universities in Armenia 
  • The admission procedure is very simple in medical universities in Armenia 
  • Most medical universities in Armenia adopt English as the medium of teaching. This way, medical students can easily grasp concepts. 
  • No entrance test is important to seek admission for studying MBBS in Armenia. 
  • For Indian students, Armenia is known to be safe 
  • Great international exposure for Indian students in medical universities in Armenia 
  • Most of the medical universities in Armenia are recognized and acknowledged by MCI
  • Medical studies generally cost less in Armenia for all students 
  • Cost of living is also very economical for students when pursuing MBBS


Tenure of MBBS in Armenia 

  • The duration of MBBS is 6 years in most foreign nations 
  • 5 years are dedicated to classroom learning and 1 year for the internship to prepare medical students to practice professionally 
  • Indian students can practice their internship in Armenia or India as per their convenience 
  • Indian students need to clear MCI Screening to practice in their home country after completing their MBBS in Armenia


Eligibility Criteria 

Students need to fulfill the following eligibility criteria to pursue MBBS in Armenia – 

  • The minimum age limit is 17 years and the maximum is 25 years. 
  • Minimum 50% should be scored in Class 12th for General category and 40% for SC/ST
  • Physics, Chemistry, and Biology are fundamental subjects in Class 12th 
  • It is essential to show the financial status of guardians to prove their paying capacity 


Tentative Dates to Keep in Mind 

  • Academic year generally starts in September for MBBS in Armenia 
  • Medical students should start applying for admission in medical universities at least 8 weeks earlier. 
  • Medical aspirants can get proper support and guidance from well-known overseas education consultants
  • Summer holiday usually starts in July and August and winter vacation starts on January or February
  • The admission process usually starts in July and August
  • Candidates should apply for admission on time to avoid any conflicts 
  • Candidates can expect admission letter from the university after half a month
  • It takes up to 2 months to get approval for VISA 


World Recognition of Medical Universities in Armenia 

  • Medical Council of India (MCI)
  • World Health Organization (WHO)
  • United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) 
  • ECMO


Document Requirements 

  • Marksheets for Class 10th and 12th 
  • Transfer Certificate from the respective school
  • NEET scorecard (when asked) 
  • Candidate’s certificate of code of conduct 
  • School leaving certificate 
  • Passport size photographs 
  • Xerox copy of passport 
  • Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) 
  • Bank statement of parents to show that they have enough funds to sponsor students’ fee


Admission Process

Here are the detailed steps candidates need to follow for admission in medical universities – 

  • Gather all the documents required during the process 
  • Fill up the application form correctly 
  • Scan all the documents and submit the same to medical university in Armenia 
  • Pay the required fees. 
  • Apply for immigration and Visa 
  • Book flight tickets and fly to Armenia 


Benefits of doing MBBS in Armenia 

  • World-class infrastructure in all universities 
  • Best in class healthcare facilities for students
  • Opportunities to work in famous hospitals with latest tools and equipment 
  • Medical students can also practice in the real world 
  • Medical students can rest assured to have the best training 
  • The affordable fee structure is another main reason to study MBBS in Armenia 
  • Excellent medical education as per international standards 
  • Medical universities in Armenia offer world-class education for both national and international students 
  • International recognition of medical degrees for medical students is a major factor to make medical universities shine in Armenia 
  • No capitation/donation fee is charged in medical universities in Armenia. It is a great factor to attract a lot of medical students for medical education 
  • After completing MBBS, one of the major aspects is that medical students can freely practice in any country. 


Top Medical Universities in Armenia 

Education and healthcare are two important aspects most Armenian universities focus on. Getting admission in these universities is like achieving a dream for many global aspirants who want to pursue their careers. These medical universities ensure best-in-class standards for education.  



  • University of Traditional Medicine


The University of Traditional Medicine is recognized by the Medical Council of India (MCI) and the World Health Organization (WHO), two of the most acknowledged councils in the world. It is the best choice for medical aspirants who desire to pursue their MBBS over there. It also offers training to qualified and competitive specialists. 


Founded 1991
Acknowledged byWHO and MCI
Duration 6 years
Eligibility Minimum 50% marks in Class 12, NEET
Last DateAugust 1, 2020



  • Yerevan Haybusak University


This private MBBS University is based in Yerevan and was founded in 1990. It is well known for having over 4000 global students who study here every year in several fields. It is well known as an international multidisciplinary university. 


Founded 1991
Acknowledged byWHO and MCI
Duration 6 years
Eligibility Minimum 50% marks in Class 12, NEET
Last DateAugust 1, 2020



  • Armenian Medical Institute


Founded in 1990, the Armenian Medical Institute is well regarded as the first private medical college. It is one of the top medical universities offering several medical courses at the best prices. 


Founded 1990
Acknowledged byWHO and MCI
Duration 6 years
Eligibility Minimum 50% marks in Class 12, NEET
Last DateAugust 1, 2020


The medium of Instructions in Medical Universities in Armenia 

  • Medical universities in Armenia follow the same guidelines 
  • Medical education is taught in three languages in most foreign countries. 
  • In Armenia, MBBS is taught in English
  • Some of the medical universities in Armenia teach in the Armenian language 
  • Armenia is well known to follow bilingual medium to provide medical education 
  • Teaching methods and course pattern are transforming 
  • Students need to know everything so it can be easier to choose the right medical university in Armenia 
  • Medical aspirants have different options to choose 
  • Over 100 medical universities offer admissions for aspirants
  • English is used as a medium of education in several medical universities 
  • Students can freely choose the university and medium 


Is it important to get a VISA to pursue MBBS in Armenia?

  • A study visa is one of the important documents for medical aspirants to study MBBS in Armenia 
  • Medical students should follow the right procedure actively 
  • First of all, you need to download an application form and fill it accurately which is vital to get a study visa 
  • Gather all the important documents asked for study visa
  • Medical University in Armenia will analyze all your documents
  • Candidates have to clear all the dues and pay all the admission, application and processing fee to confirm their seat and get admission. 
  • Candidates can get admission letter which is sanctioned by the medical university 
  • A student should have a valid passport to achieve study visa, apart from the visa application form, passport size photographs, health reports which show that student is fit enough and admission letter issued by the university 


Some facts you need to know about Armenia 

  • Armenian is the official language in Armenia 
  • Yerevan is the capital city of Armenia 
  • Only 10% or fewer people speak English in Armenia 
  • Armenia receives minimum -5 degree Celsius and the maximum temperature falls to over 34 degree Celsius
  • When going to Armenia, be sure to carry cash in Armenian Dram 
  • Re. 1 is equal to 6.63 Armenian Dram which is quite economical
  • It takes only around 5 hours to reach Armenia from India and its time is 1 and a half-hour behind India 
  • Over 95% population of Armenia is Armenian Christian 
  • Armenia has a population of over 2.9 million
  • Armenia usually witnesses continental and dry climate 
  • Armenia is known to offer some of the oldest wines in the world 
  • Armenia houses one of the world’s oldest churches 
  • Chess is the compulsory subject taught in every school in Armenia 
  • Armenia is a mono-ethnic country in the world 


Tips for Parents 

  • Armenia is a good European country if you want your children to pursue MBBS
  • MBBS in Armenia is beneficial for both students and parents to have good returns 
  • Parents can have great and rewarding returns and students can assure success in their career 
  • There is no need to worry for parents related to the budget and cost as MBBS is affordable and reasonable 
  • MBBS doesn’t cost more than Rs. 8 Lakh per annum and parents can easily decide on their budget 
  • Private medical colleges cost very much in India. So, it is better to pursue medical studies in Armenia. 


Tips for students 

  • Students can get international exposure by studying MBBS 
  • Medical universities in Armenia can help students to prepare for MCI screening and there is no need to pay extra for training 
  • Students don’t have to worry because MBBS won’t make a hole in their parents’ pockets 
  • Students can get help from universities to clear screening tests in the first attempt and practice medicine in their home country. 
  • You can opt for MBBS to have better career opportunities with quality education. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)



  • Is MBBS the best choice for medical students in Armenia? 


Yes, students can have top-quality education in medical universities in Armenia, which makes it ideal for medical students. 



  • Why should you pursue MBBS in Armenia? 


Medical universities in Armenia provide affordable fee structure, which is the major factor for aspirants to pursue MBBS. 



  • Are Armenian universities recognized by MCI?


Yes, the Medical Council of India has recognized most of the medical universities in Armenia. 



  • Why should you prefer Armenia to study MBBS?


All medical universities in Armenia provide top quality medical education at affordable prices. 



  • Do medical universities in Armenia provide education in English? 


English is the most common medium of teaching in most medical universities in Armenia offering a great opportunity for medical students in India. 



  • Is MBBS degree internationally recognized from Armenia? 


All MBBS universities in Armenia are recognized by UNESCO, WHO, MCI and other medical bodies. So, degrees are valid all over the world.

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